Insect Control & Removal Services

Insect Control and Removal Service

Harmful insects don’t stand a chance with our Insect Control and Removal Service!

You’ve finally gotten your lawn exactly the way you wanted it with the help of our excellent landscaping and lawn care. Now you need to worry about keeping up with it. 

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If you installed automatic sprinklers and our industry-standard drainage system, there isn’t much up-keep to for you to worry about.

You do, however, need to watch out for bugs that could destroy your beautiful garden.

There are so many bugs that can affect your lawn; there ’s no way we could list all of them here! We can go over some of the most problematic ones. It is crucial to make sure you act fast once you notice damages to your lawn. If we can implement insect control fast enough, your landscape may still be savable.

Listed below are a few bugs to watch out for and how to spot them or their damages.

Remember, if you see any of these damages on your lawn call us as soon as possible so we can mitigate and much lawn damage. Let Milton Lawn Care protect your landscape with our excellent insect control service..

Insect Control: Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are annoying little critters that will devour your lawn. If you are doing everything to your lawn correctly but are still noticing areas of grass that look like drought struck them, then you are probably dealing with chinch bugs.
It is best to seek out our professional lawn care services to begin insect control and extermination. Make sure you are always keeping an eye out so you can catch the damages before they get too bad.

Minor damages can be repaired and regrown quickly, though if damages are severe enough it could take a long time to regenerate, and in worst cases, may never grow back.

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Insect Control: Katydids

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Katydids are difficult to find. They resemble grasshoppers and crickets but have the disguise of a leaf.  Also known as the “leaf-imitator,” Katydids prey on leaves and fruit. It is difficult to tell if the damages to a lawn are caused by a katydid or a caterpillar.

Either way, it is best to call Milton Lawn Care so we can provide our insect control service and get your lawn the necessary protection from these harmful insects. It is difficult to tell if the damages to a lawn are caused by a katydid or a caterpillar; either way, it is best to call Milton Lawn Care so we can provide our insect control service and get your lawn the necessary protection from these harmful insects. If you see damages similar to these, don’t hesitate to call us. If left unchecked katydids could destroy your landscape’s vegetation.

Insect Control: Ants

One of the things we hate most about walking outside is whenever we step in an ant pile. Ants are downright annoying! If you are noticing an abundance of ant hills populating your lawn, you’d better call us right away!

You could attempt to kill them yourself, but using the wrong type of poison could potentially harm your lawn.

Let our lawn care professionals exterminate these ant piles with the proper procedures that will bring no harm to your landscape. No matter what kind of ants you might be dealing with, typically they are either fire ants or carpenter ants, we can get rid of them promptly.

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