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Spend your Saturdays or evenings after work doing what you want to do, and leave the lawn care to us!

Lawn care is probably one of the most sought-after outdoor labor services. Nobody likes mowing their lawn, let alone taking care of all the detailed yard work.

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Landscaping can be tedious and boring, not to mention hard work as well as time-consuming. ​Milton Lawn Care is here to help you with your lawn care needs. We can take care of all of your lawn care requirements, anything from landscaping to insect control, to fertilization, to aeration services. We can handle any lawn care services. We even offer driveway pressure washing so your driveway can be as clean and spruced up as the rest of your lawn.

Let us get you set up with an exquisite garden complete with a drainage system to regulate the water levels of your soil.

Our lawn care experts are trained to provide excellent lawn care services that will make your yard or garden stunningly beautiful and give your home’s curb appeal a major boost.

If you are ever in need of weed removal services or grass aeration services, Milton Lawn Care can meet your needs. Our lawn care professionals can help you make your lawn grow healthier and greener with our fertilization and aeration services. We will promote the growth of your plants and grass, and will also get rid of harmful insects and weeds, so there’s nothing hindering your plants’ nourishment.

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​Our goal is to make Milton lawns more beautiful and verdant. We strive to maintain a respectful relationship with each one of our customers. If you are looking for quality lawn care with courteous service, you’ve come to the right place. Milton Lawn Care always provides the best lawn care service we possibly can. With roots in our community, we strive to please our customers with both excellent service and friendly smiles. We put our customers first, and all of our lawn care services are designed for your benefit. Whether we are installing a drainage system or yanking out weeds, our services are here for your convenience.

We offer these amazing lawn maintenance services at a reasonable price as well. Anybody needing lawn maintenance in Milton, Georgia call us today. Let our expert landscapers give your yard a makeover and get your plants growing healthy and strong.

With years of experience in the industry, our landscaping company has grown to include so many different lawn care services that there is virtually nothing we can’t do for your yard!

Let us make your garden shine and blossom with our landscaping expertise and advanced drainage systems.

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Affordable Lawn Care Services

We offer a wide variety of lawn care and landscaping services. We can do anything from simple lawn maintenance, to pressure washing driveways, to lawn aeration and fertilization.

By the time we’re done with your lawn, it will be filled with lively plants and grass and will shine like it never has before!

If you want your yard to be beautiful and healthy, then all you have to do is call Milton Lawn Care and let us come out for your free estimate.

Your lawn is only a phone call away from blowing your mind!

Give us a try and we’ll show you exactly what our lawn care experts are capable of and come up with the landscape design of your dreams. No landscape design is impossible for our capable lawn maintenance pros.

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Landscaping Services

If you want your yard to be redesigned into a modern or specific landscaping design, then we can help you. Our expert landscapers can rearrange your lawn and choose specific spots for everything so that all of your plants complement each other and are arranged beautifully to maximize the use of your yard.

With everything masterfully placed and arranged, your garden will be stunning. We can also install fountains, irrigation systems, and walkways. If you want beautiful, granite flower beds, or lime stone stepping stones, we can take care of your natural stone decorations.

Once we finish constructing natural stone decor in your new landscape, we finish them off with long-lasting, weather-resistant polishing finish that will keep your stone surfaces easy to clean and maintain for decades.

​Our professional landscapers can expertly level your ground, relocate your plants and install advanced irrigation systems, sprinklers, and fountains.

The expert landscapers at Milton Lawn Care are also knowledgeable about various plants and planting methods and can choose the perfect arrangement that optimizes your plants’ health and growth. Your yard will be hardly recognizable by the time we finish with it. You’ll be amazed by the transformation; your home’s market value will skyrocket.
We will show you why we are the best landscapers in Milton, GA!

Professional Pressure Washing Service

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We can also take it up ourselves to pressure wash vinyl siding or your house’s front also to be as clean and fresh as the rest of your yard.

We are knowledgeable with multiple types of house exterior materials and will always use the appropriate pressure washing setting so as the never cause any damages to your property.

​What good is your beautiful lawn if your dirty, dusty, and old driveway brings down the overall appeal of your yard; let us tackle your driveway while we’re at it!

We can pressure wash your driveway and get rid of deeply embedded dirt, soil, and grime. Our lawn care professionals are licensed and skilled at operating pressure washers and are capable of accurately pressure washing your driveway so that it matches with the rest of your stunning lawn. Our lawn care professionals use state-of-the-art pressure washers and know exactly what setting to use to properly pressure wash your driveway without causing any damage.

They also show their expertise with a pressure washing with their ability to pressure wash only your driveway without ever causing damages to your lawn on either side. We won’t stop there either!

Lawn Aeration and Drainage Systems​

​If you are looking for aeration lawn services, look no further. Milton Lawn Care offers the best aeration services in Georgia. We provide yard aeration that will maximize your grass’ ability to gather nourishment.

Grass aeration is the process in which we pluck out small holes from your grass, which opens air flow and provide breathing room for the grass’ roots, which then extend out and pull in the dirt from outside.

The purpose of lawn aeration is to increase the area that the grass roots take up and maximize their access to nutrients from the soil.

On top of our efficient lawn aeration services, we also provide professional drainage system installation. A drainage system is placed underneath your lawn and is used to absorb excess water and push it into the sewer systems. The purpose behind advanced drainage systems is to regulate water in your soil at a certain level and prevent over-saturation.

Over watered plants suffocate due to their roots being unable to breath and becoming agitated, increasing the plant’s susceptibility to disease. We offer many different kinds of drainage systems such as backyard drainage systems, under deck drainage systems, or any other landscape drainage solutions you may require.

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Fertilizer and Weed Control Services

We’ve mentioned all of these different methods we use for promoting your plants’ growth and health; now it’s time we talk about some actual plant food.
We offer our fertilizing services to Milton lawns and wish to optimize not only your plants’ ability to grow better itself but also to provide it with the necessary nutrients it needs to a fresh boost. We don’t use the typical commercialized plant steroids that eventually have detrimental effects on your plants.

We only use the best fertilizer solutions in the industry, tested and tried by our own company’s botanists and landscapers. We don’t just use a chemical form of fertilizer; we also offer mulch as an organic solution to plant fertilization.

If you’ve done everything you can to promote and nurture your plants’ growth, what else is there left to do for your plants?

You can continue aiding your plants by removing hindrances to their nourishment.

Weeds are invasive, unwanted plants that don’t belong where they are growing. In general terms, any plant could be a weed. What makes them weeds is the fact that they are intruding on another plants’ soil and stealing its’ nutrients.

Our weed control and removal services allow you to eradicate weeds from your home without spending countless hours hunched over your knees sweating while you tug away at vines and stems.

Call Milton Lawn Care to take care of your weed problem fast and effectively!

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Pest and Insect Control

Our expert lawn care professionals are also licensed to effectively rid your yard of pestering insects that would do harm to your plants. Milton Lawn Care equips all of our landscapers with proper insecticide that is formulated to be deadly to insects, yet harmless to plants (and humans, provided you don’t consume it.) Call us and find out why we are the best lawn maintenance company in Milton, GA. We would be more than happy to set you up with an insect-free, stunning garden.

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