Aeration & Drainage Services

What is Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process in which we pluck out holes of dirt, allowing your grass’ roots to have more freedom and breathing room.

By giving them this extra room, the roots can expand and grow further out, covering a much larger area.

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Ultimately, this results in the grass roots covering much more area, thus having more access to nutrients.

​Grass Aeration is a process that has been around for many years and has been proven to be highly effective in promote your grass’ growth and health. If you want your grass to grow abundantly and remain green, you may want to try out our yard aeration services

Grass Lawn Aeration Services

We offer a professional lawn aeration service that will maximize your grass’ breathing room and provide absolute comfort for your grass and its roots. We aim to promote the health and nourishment of your plants as best as we can, and our best is the best.

Are you just going to wait for your grass to die?

Call us immediately so we can send out a lawn care specialist and get your grass growing efficiently and make your lawn as verdant and healthy as possible with our grass aeration service.

It’s Milton Lawn Care’s goal to promote the wellbeing of plant life all over Milton, GA. We want residential lawns to be beautiful and green. Let us accomplish our goals by providing you with vibrant grass that will last a lifetime!

What do Drainage Systems Do?

A drainage system is designed to regulate the saturation level of your soil. By setting your drainage system to a certain configuration, it can absorb excess water and prevent your plants from being overwatered.

Overwatered plants suffocate or “drown” because the roots don’t have room to breathe. It is very important to keep your plants hydrated with the correct amount of water. 

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A drainage system will help you ensure that you don’t accidentally over water your plants, or that they aren’t ruined by rain either. All of the water that is absorbed by the drainage system is circulated back into the sewer lines where it will be recycled, evaporated, and rained down again.

Advanced Drainage Systems

​When we begin landscaping, that is the perfect time for us to install a drainage system. We’ve got all the dirt dug up, and the base of your lawn is exposed and primed for our drainage solutions.

All you have to do is give us the okay, and we can ensure you never have to worry about rain ruining your watering schedule ever again!

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No matter what you do, all excess water will be absorbed, and your plants won’t ever suffocate from overwatering. It is also cheaper to include drainage system installation in the cost of landscaping since we won’t be required to destroy your lawn for the sole purpose of installing a drainage system.

Milton Lawn Care will always provide the most convenient lawn care solutions for you. Let us set you up with an efficient advanced drainage system so your plants can stay alive and well through stormy seasons.

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