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Ready to wow your neighbors?
If you are looking to upgrade or redesign your yard, we have the perfect landscaping service for you. Milton Lawn Care offers highly customizable and affordable landscaping solutions that are sure to turn your yard into a masterpiece.

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Your home’s curb appeal will increase tenfold once we are done with landscaping!

If you’ve got small hills or slopes in your yard, we can help level the ground so you can have a more uniform look for your garden. We can also install fountains, irrigation systems, sprinklers, stepping stones, natural stone benches, etc. We can fill your garden with exquisite amenities that will make your neighbors envious. Milton Lawn Care wants you to have a beautiful lawn and to be able to enjoy your garden’s appearance.

With our landscaping service, you can have the garden of your dreams; it’s only phone call away!

Milton Lawn Care pays extra attention to detail when coming up with landscape designs.  You can rest assured we are putting the best landscape designer brains together to come up with a garden beautiful enough to compare to Da Vinci’s masterpieces!

We offer comprehensive landscaping that covers everything about your landscape design ideas: birdbaths, hedge art, swings, patios, gazeebos, fire pits, whatever you can think of, we can include it in any Milton landscape. All you have to do is say the word, and our professional landscapers will meet your request.

Custom Landscape Designs

With the artistic minds of our expert landscapers, anything is possible for your lawn!
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Our landscaping designers will work with you to accomplish your dreams for your front or backyard. We can also take this opportunity to install landscape drainage solutions for you while we’ve got all the dirt dug up.

You can be assured that, during relocation, all of your plants are kept safe and healthy while we set up your yard for replanting.

Milton Lawn Care’s genius landscapers are capable of accomplishing any landscape design you can think of! Go ahead, give them a tricky one; they’d love the challenge!

It would also make your house one of a kind, which is always a plus. The more your house is a reflection of your personality, the better! You are comfortable with yourself, so to be comfortable in your home, it should be a reflection of you, right?

That’s what we believe, and that’s what we aim to achieve when we design a landscape for you!

Milton Lawn Care strives to make our landscaping service fit your needs and grant you exactly what you want out of your lawn. We want to promote your plants’ growth and beautify your home exterior, but ultimately we want you to be happy with the result. If you are looking for the best landscaping in Milton, GA, then this is the perfect landscaping company for you.

Best Landscaping Company in Milton

​We strive to maintain our reputation as one of the best landscaping companies in Alabama. We offer our services at high quality and low cost, and we make it our mission to ensure your new landscape is eccentric and unique to your tastes as well as beneficial to your plants.

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